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понедельник, апреля 10, 2006

willow ( or ) ossier ( in the sense meaning) ground is wet

why homo sapiens?

the human person has
invented just one
thing: fire, or grammar,
the same invention,
two plumes extending
from a single flame, or,
in mystical terms, a kylix.
evrything else; every lily's notice of the technical; dry glance; every thing that's done with blood; eyes to the bruise; evry garland over evry door; uses of topaz; limens; quarries; medicine viticulture telling & measurement of light; evrything follows, in the timescale of a species, instanter, hot on the heels of firemaking, hot in the lingering afterbreath of -- or cradle -- that first lax vowel.
we've invented one thing; flammegrammatik (in Russian a special class of four corelated neuter nouns that all look feminine: imja vremja plemja plamja -- fire time tribe flame (4 things that come in a bundle, apparently to the Slavs at least) -- & the latter pair nearly ident!); all else is simplest extension of that.
suspend the privileges for a minute of religion : this is, this is, this is, a horrible adaptation. flag-down or flare-up : we are a hemorrhoid in faunadom, possessed mebbe of spellbindingness but totally ill-brought -- the nature of grammar, and of fire -- mebbe the luminous kernel these two share like thrushsong at the liquid center of a city -- is illimit, the natural meandering inclination of the thing to flower out, while taking in; forthness is unerring conflict.
grammar to its root means scratching or inlay
flame to its root means brightness or color
The light-foot hears you and the brightness begins
god-step at the margins of thought
fire & grammar may be the one thing we never recover from.
the first fire was from Azerbaijan -- now the near horizon of the petroleum industry -- where flame still blossoms hot from cracks en la tierra; Prometheus there, in pain, with nothing to wait for.
but there is no homo infans, no homo rosarum, homo somniens.
grammar is a causeway, a hatchwork mistaken for a hierarchy. grammar is the valve of equivalance;
so I was sour yesterday talking to a friend who insisted on insisting that variety implies ordinacy, that to suggest a dog's mind is simpler than ours engenders a whole intricacy of valuations & descents -- well that's not so. this grunt had got lodged so deep in him -- my friend -- that he cldn't conceive even of its particularity, believed in the style of persons to whom there is correctness that he was parsing the ineluctable crux of that argument from its crystal vessel. dogs live a rapture of smell whose nuance we can't conceive, "Fish pray to salt." -- Robt Kelly, I mean it's arrogant to view the absence of us as lessness. (my friend went on to try & connect my point to the anti-vivisectionists, and to overuse the word inscribe, reminiscent of Frank O'Hara's comment to Fairfield Porter, "Well, when the cow's been in the garlic..." -- he was mostly I think reliving the excited reception of his master's degree coursework, and mebbe shld be cut a break...)
but grammar, as we must mean it to be able to say it, is human grammar (a God who misspeaks?), and opens radically the possibility of circumference: inclusion is a grammatic act, one of the oldest, and so is equation. flame is simple backstory.
the wine in this kylix is question
the shared headlength that parturiates & nourishes
same fire same grammar same
is asking
("Is the falling cloth a flag?
What is buried behind Lufkin's diner?
What does the King welcome when he goes behind the curtain?
Who is the stars?")
all source is open
all cause is question


Blogger d said...

god can't misspeak because whatever he speaks is the only universe we know. There's no one to correct him. Maybe fish were never meant to live in water, but god couldn't remember the word he had already coined for trees.

вторник, 11 апреля, 2006  
Blogger Ivanushka Groznyj said...

non sic.

either God can't forget or persons lack language.

(vayomer elohim y'hiy or vay'hiy or : and God sed BE LIGHT and light was)

in the godlight always Logos is an instantaneity & omnipotence's sluiceway to thinghood. God is Zeno's vanishing point since language happens in time : He is The Saying of what He sez, which is the only What.

or: correct does not apply.

(a mystic tradition exists of reading the first line of the Bible -- which is grammatically awkward -- as "when He started He created Elohim" (Elohim, a plural form enricht by breath, is E's name for God of the biblical authors); if the universe, as physics might have it, is actually a polyverse, then God might be middle management -- here on a brane among dozens, or trillions, or three, others -- boss of our brane, our verse, but in some conceivable tho hardly-held sense not the top dawg.

ikhthus then in the sense meaning "trees have never existed".

but any discussion like this one of God is of limit, is possible only because God is a person I love. otherwise the stray wringing agonies. otherwise the spectral wire-shaped authorities. otherwise the bodies in the bodies in the bodies nothing but vanisht scales. whatever is and isn't is beads condensed on that all we get is eyes to be lookt out of.

so because I love God, this person who is not a person, bigger than me, and vastly smaller, I speak & sing, and that without error.

I correct Him every time. we receive little of discreteness. love is grammar unyielding to hours.

capacity is responsibility. religion is responsibility.

(or think of it this way: if God cld forget a word, he too cld wear a toupee, or suffer a stroke, or side embarrassingly with the fascists in a world conflict; if deep love cld be errancy the pyramids, let alone beautiful new york, wld never have got built.)

tell me what you think.

среда, 12 апреля, 2006  

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