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среда, сентября 26, 2007

the clumsy force of irene was a thing that attracted me

thinking about politics has at few moments been less rewarding than it is right now. of course the leaders of states and statoids have been mostly monkeys & egregious buttwads forever, but something about the speed with which their buttwaddedness gets simulcast to the entire pulsing universe (or at least the discouragingly small & inescapable (&, perhaps, deadly) part of it with wifi) makes me queasy. I can imagine Hammurabi, whom basically I like, claiming there were no homosexuals in Babylonia (tho would he want to make this claim? I know nothing of the Babylonian sexes), but the reception would surely be staider. so, even tho it's, like, funny, I sorta don't want to see shit like this. it's annoying. I have trouble pronouncing things too, and the problem with GW Bush is that he's a piece of shit homicidal mamzer lunatic, not that he finds himself with the unique handicap of some difficulty wrapping his jaw around the names of his colleagues. dignity, anyone? anyone?