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суббота, сентября 29, 2007

trotsky at barbizon

as you might recall from last week's episode...

you are lodged without complaint.
you dream you are going down deep and wearing a red shirt.
you bring everywhere things you find.
you are afraid of someone, the hooded one, you are afraid of what's under the hood.
you fall & speak like an engine.
you go down.
you take a fiercely insane plunge into dissipation
you who cannot straighten are straightened.
you dream you are looking into one hundred faces.

slow morning, a nice morning listening to the music of Steve Swallow (thank you). finally the world is rushing with autumn garments, a cotton in the air and my heart goes all scandinavia like always. if you are a person I will make you pumpkin somethings. pumpkin, like dumpling, is as made up as everything but especially actually seems like it.

wind tearing
heart of the street
in a blackout

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