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пятница, октября 26, 2007

I khev difeeted Kommred-Kownt Tolstoy een Grodgemetch

well, it seemed an ever-distant horizon, but early this morning I finally finished edits on & submitted my translation of Lev Tolstoy's Death of Ivan Ilich. I mean, just look at this booger-eater. not my most cherished figure (tho he was this guy's) , but the book has real interest, real content, real language. his work (not totally unlike Repin's, which I like even less) has a kind of trickily-concealed richness, under the confetti of its bland noble exultant seriousness, that is itself more than a dead end. anyhow, it shld hit stores in early January, is what they're telling me. buy me vodka! месяц был очень и сух.